7 - 21 November 2020

G13 Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming group exhibition which comprised of five printmaking practitioners namely Juhari Said, Shahrul Jamili, Samsudin Wahab, Faizal Suhif, and Tisna Sanjaya. Departing from the conventional way of printmaking, the concept of the exhibition is to reintroduce innovative takes on printmaking art and to see how far these implementations can evolve.

GO BLOCK is a collective movement of several alternative printmakers who strive to push further the development of its discipline to the next level. For this exhibition, five of them are involved in this collaborative project with G13 gallery. GO BLOCK is more than just a movement –– it is an idea that is fluid in terms of its movement and dynamism of its practice. GO BLOCK was created several years ago and it aims to stay relevant and impactful for a long time to come

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  • Shahrul Jamili
  • Tisna Sanjaya
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