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G13 Gallery is proud to present `Mending Fence: Tales form an Isolation’, an exhibition that features artworks that responsibility towards the social distancing lives due to a pandemic. The current rampant attack of the COVID-19 virus which happens globally has pushed the governments or authorities to enforce the partial lock-down or Movement Control Order that applies a social distancing approach in order to break the chain network of the virus.

Social distancing also in some ways can affect artists’ art-making. Maybe they are confined to buy materials and confined to be outside to travel and experience new things to get inspired. Despite the physical limitation, movements might be restricted but ideas, are always beyond the tangibles. Therefore, this exhibition is an attempt to display the reactions from artists on how they are responding towards the current situation, as historical documentation, the adversity that is to be remembered in the form of artworks.

There are 30 participating artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Korea, and Thailand joining this exhibition. `Mending Fence: Tales form an Isolation’ runs from 3  – 30 April 2020, which can be viewed in G13’s Online Viewing Room on our website:

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