Towards Serenity

21 April - 13 May 2012


G13 Gallery invites you to experience the appreciations on life and nature’s balance in “TOWARDS SERENITY” by 5 local renowned painters; Calvin Chua, Fong Kim Sing, Keng Seng Choo, Tean Wei Gin and A. S. Kang.

Other than sharing the same passion on the bliss from life and nature, all of them also hailed from same part of the country, Kedah Darul Aman.  Keng Seng Choo is mostly recognized by his series of stylized rural women figures.  Fong Kim Sing’s works blend natural subjects subtly into semi-abstraction that evoke the sense of tranquillity.  As for Calvin Chua, who is one of the founding members of Malaysian Watercolour Organization (MWO), pursue his affection towards his childhood memories as portrayed in his recent River Series. The works of Tean Wei Gin focuses on his admiration upon the beauty of floral subjects. Expressive quality brushstrokes by A. S. Kang create dynamic glimpses of his favorite subject, the koi fishes.

This exhibition suggests the inseparable symbiosis between man and nature; how far we’ve come towards appreciating nature, that sometimes we even seek refuge in it, from the harsh and rising stone-city life.

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