Soaring Colours

28 May - 12 June 2011


‘Soaring Colours’ is a charity art exhibition and will be showcasing the works of 12 artists; 6 emerging Malaysian artists and 6 special artists, mainly autistic and Down syndrome artists. As it is a charity fundraising show, portion of the proceeds will be contributed to KIRTARSH, a home for Special Children located in Bukit Beruntung, Rawang.

The highlights of the two-week event include talks, a visual art exhibition, video screenings and an art workshop by artist Jeganathan Ramachandram for special children.

Through this exhibition, we aim to educate the special children and their immediate family members/ friends on the importance of art, allowing them to express themselves freely and articulate their ideas via the visual medium.  As the name of the event suggests, we strive to make a change and create an equal platform for all artists, obliterating the differences as we believe that art should not be differentiated by the capabilities of an artist.

Highly talented special artists should be given more exposure and appreciation. By giving them an opportunity to exhibit their works alongside the other emerging artists, we would not only build their confidence but also provide them a sense of belonging and acceptance. We believe that these special children/ artists are not in search of sympathy. Instead, they are just seeking for an avenue to express themselves, which is exactly what our show will be providing them with.

Our event will also be providing the emerging and established, talented Malaysian artists to showcase their artworks, as well allowing them to contribute to the underprivileged through the sales of their artworks. To art collectors and other art enthusiasts, this event will serve as a good opportunity to help foster art appreciation by including these artworks into their collections.

We are striving to help underprivileged children in KIRTARSH home and build a conducive, pleasant environment for them to live in. Most of the homes that handle and take these children under their wings need fund injections and helping hands to provide them with basic necessities and accommodation. It is a saddening fact that some of the homes in Malaysia had to close down due to shortage of funds. We would be doing our part by channelling funds to help cover the main and other essential expenses incurred by the home

The concept of our exhibition emphasises on the free and expressive use of colours in artworks, as we believe that colour is a very powerful medium that can be used to provoke thoughts and ideas. The special artists –Clement Ooi, Damien Wong, Fitri Raslan,  Phua Sze Zuan, Shyam Darshan and Tan Seng Kit who were handpicked for this exhibition rely on colours to strengthen their amazing artworks. The other emerging/ established artists –Mia Farizza, Mona Kv, Nadia Zawani, Rohini Indran, Tan See Ling and Teoh Joo Ngee have also taken the same approach in creating their artworks.

For this event, Symbols Art Club and Art Village have decided to collaborate with us. Symbols Art Club was formed in 2009 and has been actively participating in a few major art events.  They will be equipping us with the necessary manpower and advice regarding the event. As for Art Village, they have been running an established art space for many years and they have agreed to provide us with their newly opened gallery, G13 Gallery by taking minimal commission / rental fee.

This exhibition is the brainchild of 1heART group. Aiming to lend a helping hand to the public through art, it consists of volunteers and artists who contribute through their expertise without financial gain in mind. The organization hopes to help more needy folk in the future through art as the main platform.

  • Clement Ooi
  • Damien Wong
  • Fitri Raslan
  • Phua Sze Zuan
  • Shyam Darshan
  • Tan Seng Kit
  • Mia Farizza
  • Mona Kv
  • Nadia Zawani
  • Rohini Indran
  • Tan See Ling
  • Teoh Joo Ngee
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