Solo Exhibition by Faizal Suhif

1 - 16 September 2012


Artists by far are considered brave. They invest into imagination, wisdom, mastery of skills and most importantly into the unknown realm of creative intuition… yet the rewards, benefits and recognition are ambiguous and often than not, not forthcoming. Yet most artists embark on this perilous and stoic journey in their pursuit of ‘raison d’etre’. G13 Gallery invites you now to share a documented journey through the visual diary “Silent Diary” by Faizal Suhif.

Drawings, paintings, sketches, notes & installation works by this endearing, passionate and young emerging artist are the extensions of his experiences that emerged from Bali. G13 Gallery’s ongoing residency support for young aspiring artists transports Faizal Suhif to Bali in hope of exploring and extending his creative horizons by assimulating with the norms and cultural environment of the city.

After a month long residency, Faisal Suhif, returns home with his new found relevation and interprets these inspirations visually for us now to witness and appreciate. Captured in this showcase at G13 are perspectives and ideas during his month-long integration in Bali. Renderings resembling cultural objects and local nuances show visual interpretations unique only to the artist.

There is a certain relevancy about his journey which is more than just aesthetics and provides depth for soul searching questions. This exhibition shows the artist’s involvement on the issues of capitalism and commercialization of Bali and the concerned obsessive passion of the people who strive to maintain their customs and tradition in this age of globalization and modernization.

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