Solo Exhibition by Cheev

10 Sept - 2 Oct 2011


What is it that drives a person to leave a career of 20 over years and then delve another 10 years into an untested and highly volatile lifestyle…artworld.

Its been 10 years since Vong Nyam Chee a.k.a. Cheev left a career in marketing, advertising and publications to embark on a plight to quench and quell his recurring and nagging questions, visions and instances through visual expressions and forms.

It was not a primary question of money or career that brought him to this stage. He said, “ I am an artist not by choice. It’s built in…automatic. My mind has this obsession of trying to unshackle its thoughts and set them free. The only way I know how is to express them visually.”

The showcase at G13 is his second in so many years as his first was only the previous year at the National Art Gallery. Categorized as brut art, being informally trained, his works exude a refreshingly different platform in terms of execution, materials and direction. His observation without the sequential academic guidance allows his him to formulate and develop his own unique interpretation and process of artforms.

He never considered himself a sculptor per se but rather an artist that uses a blade as his brush, wood as his paint and the space as his canvass. Using discarded pieces of sawn off framewood, he assembles the irregular wooden strips into initial forms with mainly wood glue. Then using mostly just one single blade, Cheev begins to slice away the roughly glued structures into more defined forms.

His unorthodox style caught the attention of the National Art Gallery and the art industry in which he had no primary intention to showcase but rather to just fulfill the obsession to visually express.

Questioning on his choice of material used, he replied,” I saw discarded pieces of timber considered useless as intriguing and valuable. They could be resurrected into something beautiful, meaningful and wanting. It is all about repositioning and clarity of existence.”

Applying mainly the female figure to most of his works he asserts his philosophical deductions that the female attributes are more evolved and convey greater visual feelings.

Not conforming to the correct anatomical dimensions, he intentionally applies distortions to the anatomy to yield that perfect connecting gaze.

Relating to his friends and visitorrs to his place of work, he realized that there were many different comments on techniques, materials, colours, form and structure. But they all agreed on was the intensity perceived.

Joining him in the showcase at G13 is E H Chee. His renderings and works reflect that similar intense passion and emotion that will compliment that of Cheev’s and will definitely put forward a good discourse on the varying intensities of life.

  • E H Cheev
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