Group Exhibition

9 - 31 July 2011


G13 Gallery is proud to present ‘GENESIS’, a group show made up of seven outstanding local artists. This exhibition will be a presentation of final works and preliminary sketches that would give the viewers a glimpse of how ideas evolve into resolved art pieces.

The exhibition will run from 9 July to 31 July 2011 and artists represented in the exhibition will include Stephen Menon, Ismadi Sallehudin, C.H Chee, Kelvin Chap, Yong Chon Hua, Zulkefli Talha and Sivarajah Natarajan.

This exhibition will provide viewers the opportunity to gaze through the windows of the artists’ imaginations, to allow the viewers to better understand how a final piece of artwork is created. All resolved works derive from an idea, a concept that the artists decide to work with, to grab and shake and mold until a refined piece is birthed out of the sketches, researches, annotations and documentations. This dynamic group show of seven artists will shed some light on how they utilize these preparatory methods to create a foundation for their initial ideas to grow on.

  • Stephen Menon
  • Ismadi Sallehudin
  • C.H Chee
  • Kelvin Chap
  • Yong Chon Hua
  • Zulkefli Talha
  • Sivarajah Natarajan
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