Dialogue II

Bringing Southeast Asia Closer Through Dialogue

21 July - 21 Aug 2012

G13 Gallery - display

Bringing Southeast Asia Closer Through Dialogue

Dialogue II takes off from where the the inaugural collaboration and exchange began at G13 Gallery, Malaysia in 2011.

9  artists E H Chee, Jeganathan Ramachandram, Calvin Chua, Stephen Menon and Faizal Suhif from Malaysia and their counterparts from Indonesia Nyoman Sujana Kenyam, Putu Sudiana Bonuz, I Wayan Sujana ( Suklu ) and I Made Arya Palguna gather at Gaya Art Space, Bali, Indonesia to lend their beliefs in the art forms and further forge and widen the fellowship amongst themselves and the Dialogue movement..

It is here in Bali, being a renowned regional art destination for Southeast Asia, these 8 accomplished artists in the own rights and fields, will showcase their works as well as extend their views and perceptions to the broad based guests, collectors and visitors together with fellow art colleagues and academians present.

They will, as a group, will hold discussions, conduct studio and gallery tours…with the objective to gain and promote art senses.

It is again in the hope, Dialogue II will create a new awareness and stimulus to stir the art communities of both participating countries to see beyond the current trends and norms and conjure a freshness that will be relevant and exciting.

In the macro aspect of fostering regional ties between nations and lifting barriers in understanding the cultural differences, Dialogue II as with Dialogue I, facilitates and encourages the possibilities of strong art development and participation not only among the artists but also to the various auxiliary supporting bodies and organization.

Dialogue II now happens in Gaya Art space on 21 July to 21 August, and members of the public are cordially invited to view and participate in the discourse.

The Dialogue format now becomes a new and effective vehicle to accelerate art awareness regionally and with the passing of time the growth will surely reach other international shores.


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  • E H Chee
  • Jeganathan Ramachandram
  • Stephen Menon
  • Nyoman Sujana Kenyam
  • Putu Sudiana Bonuz
  • I Wayan Sujana ( Suklu )
  • I Made Arya Palguna
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