Waiting for Perfection – Zahran SOLO PREVIEW

Waiting for Perfection –  Zahran SOLO PREVIEW

Noor Zahran
82 x 132cm
Ink on Paper
RM6,500 w.Frame - SOLD

The artwork captures the juxtaposition of life and death, symbolized by the flower and skeletal form, serving as a metaphor for the deceptive allure of online personas. This evocative artwork invites contemplation on the societal phenomenon of ceaseless waiting for an elusive ideal, be it in friendships, romantic connections, or other facets of virtual interaction. By illustrating the futility of such pursuits, the piece underscores the dissonance between perceived perfection online and the harsh reality of authenticity. "Waiting for Perfection" beckons viewers to reflect on the preciousness of time and the genuine connections overlooked in the pursuit of an illusory and unattainable digital utopia.

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